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Extraordinary book about one of the most important figures in the history of Czech Republic.

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About Jaroslav Benda

Jaroslav Benda is one of the most important and most unique personalities in the history of Czechoslovak type design. His extensive lifelong work is based on a strong and distinctive manuscript of original type designs.


Many of his works became key for the periods of Czech Cubism and Art Deco. Equally important is his engagement in building the visual identity of the first Czechoslovak Republic.


Benda’s work was completely forgotten for many decades, and now, nearly half a century after his death, we want to introduce the public to the product of our five years of work. Thus TypeCon participants will be among the first to see in its entirety the vast scale of Benda’s distinctive typefaces and inventive solutions, which are again contemporary from today’s perspective.



the Book

The aim of this book is to introduce Benda as an admirable type designer, an excellent graphic artist, and a sensitive book typographer. The main text focuses on an analysis of Benda’s letterings.


A full-color image catalogue contain an incredible 554 objects bearing Benda’s original typefaces, from the smallest ex-libris to huge marble slabs, the catalogue represents a living specimen of the letterforms on which Benda tested designs for his real typeface production.


About Us

Petra Dočekalová, Radek Sidun and Tomáš Brousil are not only Briefcase Type Foundry in person, but also the authors, editors and designers of Jaroslav Benda book.

Nearly half a century after Benda’s death, together with Jan Solpera, Karel Haloun, Jaroslav Tvrdoň, Lucie Urbánková, Otakar Karlas and Šárka Šilarová, they presented to the Czech public the fruit of five years of work – Jaroslav Benda 1882–1970: Typografická úprava a písmo. It would be a loss for the international typography community if they did not create a translated edition for them. Now, with your help, we can introduce you to Jaroslav Benda!


Why Kickstarter?

We completed the Czech edition in November 2019 and it’s almost sold out! (Yes we saved few Czech copies for our backers.) Now, we’d be very happy if you help us reach our goal to print an English edition of Jaroslav Benda 1882–1970: Typographic designs and letterforms. So everyone in the world could learn about Jaroslav Benda. 

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